Rental agreement

The landlord and tenant expressly agree that the rental agreement can be established by sending emails.

The rental agreement will state the address of the vacation home, the rental period, the arrival and departure time, the rental price, the deposit, and the payment terms.

Upon written or e-mail confirmation by the tenant of the rental agreement transmitted by the landlord, the rental agreement is concluded between the parties and the tenant hereby accepts these general rental conditions without any reservations.


Method of payment

Before a booking becomes final, 50% of the rental price must be paid. The remainder of the rental price must be paid at least 30 days before the arrival / occupation of the property.

The landlord’s obligation to provide access to the property is postponed until the rent is demonstrably paid in full.

In case of late payment, the tenant is in default. The landlord will notify him of this in writing or by e-mail. He then still has the opportunity to pay the amount due within 7 days. If the payment is not made even then, the rental contract will be cancelled on the day of the default. The prepaid amount of 50% then counts as half of the cancellation fee.

If the rental agreement is made within 30 days before the date of commencement, the entire rental price must be paid immediately.


Number of persons

The vacation home can accommodate a maximum of 14 people.

The landlord has the right to deny the tenant access to the vacation home if this number is exceeded, without any right to compensation or refund of amounts already paid.



Subletting of the vacation home is not allowed.



At the latest 2 weeks before arrival a deposit of € 2.500,00 is to be paid to the landlord before the tenant can occupy the vacation home. This will be refunded after deduction of any compensation for damage or loss, at the latest within 14 days after departure.

The refund will be made by bank transfer to the account number provided by the tenant.

If the tenant wishes, the amount can also be reserved by credit card.


Acceptance of good condition – care of house and surroundings – liability

The landlord offers the property and the tenant accepts the property in the condition as it is, in good repair, safety, hygiene and habitability.


If any damage is noticed at the start of the rental, the lessee has the obligation to report it to the lessor immediately, within 24 hours, by phone and followed by an e-mail. If the tenant does not make any comments at the start of the rental, any damage found by the landlord after the end of the rental will be irrefutably presumed to be damage caused by the tenant.

If something happens during the stay in the vacation home, the complaint will only be dealt with if it is reported by telephone within 24 hours and followed by an e-mail.

Of the rented vacation home shall be occupied by the tenant and his travelling companions with due care, respecting the tranquility for the surroundings. The tenant will behave like a good housekeeper and during the stay will protect the vacation home from fire, frost damage, burglary etc….

Organizing exuberant drinking parties in the vacation home is not allowed. In case of violation, the rental period will be broken and all guests will be removed. This without the tenant having any right to recover the remaining rent.

There is a non-smoking policy in the holiday home. Outside the vacation home, smoking is allowed, but the tenant must remove cigarette butts at all times at the latest when leaving the vacation home.

The lessee is liable for damages caused by him/her, by or to his/her travelling companions or by or to any visitors, even if found after his/her departure.

If damages are found after the lessee’s departure, he/she will have to abide by the landlord’s ruling.

The landlord is not liable for loss, theft, damage or injury of any kind caused to the tenant and his/her travelling companions (both inside and outside).

The landlord is not responsible for accidents in and around the vacation home or swimming pool.

The landlord is also not liable for damage caused by natural forces, natural disasters, nuclear disasters, attacks, strikes, acts of violence and coming into contact with an aircraft or parts thereof.



The property is cleaned every other day at no additional cost.

The same applies to linen changes.

If the tenant wishes daily cleaning, the landlord will charge an hourly rate of € 30.00 for this. If the tenant would also like daily linen changes, a flat rate of € 50.00 per cleaning will be charged for this, in addition to the hourly charge for the work.



In case of cancellation by the tenant, the following fees will be due:

Until 30 days before commencement : 50 % of the rent

Less than 30 days before the start: 100% of the rent


If the tenant does not use the vacation home or leaves it before the end of the rental period, no refund will be made.

The landlord reserves the right to cancel the agreement due to serious circumstances. In this case, the tenant will be informed of the cancellation of the rental contract as soon as possible and will be refunded the rent already paid within two weeks after cancellation, without any right to additional compensation.


Visit of the landlord or contact person on site

The landlord and the contact person on site are allowed, by means of an appointment with the tenant, to visit the property, with the aim of verifying that all obligations are carried out or if necessary works have to be carried out.


Applicable law and competent court

Belgian law is applicable to the present agreement.

In case of dispute, only the court of Lassithi in Neapoli is competent, unless the tenant lives in Belgium, in which case the Justice of the Peace of the canton of Zelzate is competent.